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The Works of Richard Marsden. Writing and Historical European Martial Arts.


I am available for seminars, however, I am also a High School History teacher, which means some months I am very available and some months not at all.

If you are interested feel free to contact me

Richard Marsden

I am available for the following seminars that can be long or short, for new people, or advanced, depending on your needs.

Fiore de Liberi and his arts

This seminar covers the works of Fiore de Liberi, a 15th century master whose arts include, wrestling, the dagger, longsword, spear, pole-axe and mounted combat.

History of HEMA in its context

This seminar covers the history of the source material as well as the context they were created in.

Italian rapier of the 17th century

This seminar covers the various rapier masters of the 17th century and their works, including that of Giganti, Fabris, Capo Ferro from the early period as well as later masters such as Alfieri and Marcelli.

Polish saber of the 17th century

This seminar covers the use of the Polish saber on foot in the 17th century and includes extensive history, historical fencing games, and the use of the elusive Polish cross-cut.

Teaching HEMA

This seminar covers the best practices when teaching HEMA, including drills and effective methods of conveying information to students as well as details on managing a club.

Writing for and about HEMA

This seminar covers how to write toward a HEMA audience and includes research practices and a step by step walkthrough on how to self-publish and deliver high-quality product.

I can bring an assistant, my co-instructor John Patterson. We both have extensive experience, including tournament wins, successful seminars, as well as successful students.

Fees can be negotiated, but generally airfare and lodging is all I, or we, need. If you are interested, be sure to contact me soon as available dates vanish fast!




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